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Loading Zetris

Zetris is a homebrew game that is written as a sketch for the ZPUino soft processor. The ZPUino is a 32 bit processor running at 100Mhz with an integrated VGA display adapter and YM2149 sound processor. Everything is controlled by a sketch and an easy to use VGA library from the Arduino IDE. The fast ZPUino processor gives you plenty of processing power to make cool homebrew games.

ZPUino Home Page for the ZPUino Soft Processor.
zpuino-ZB2-PapilioOne-S3E500-HQVGA-8bit-ArcadeWing.bit ZPUino Soft Processor with HQVGA targeted for ArcadeWing.
ZPUino with VGA Output Make your own games using the ZPUino with VGA output. Games can be written as Arduino sketches.
VGA Library Reference Documentation for the VGA library available with the ZPUino.

Steps to load Zetris

What Next?

Take a look at the VGALiquidCrystal library to see other cool things you can do with the ZPUino. The VGALiquidCrystal library allows you to convert Arduino LCD code to run on a VGA monitor by changing one line of code.

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