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The End was the first Konami game to be licenced in the US by Stern. This would be followed by a long list of games including Scramble, Super Cobra, Strategy-X, Amidar and Turtles.

This game combined play elements of Cinematronics Rip Off with Midway's Galaxian. The player controlled a horizontally scrolling ship - shooting aliens that were stealing his or her pods. The game was over when enough of the pods were removed to spell END at the top of the screen.

Like many games to follow, Stern took Konami's oringinal game and modified to make it a far better game. In this case the change was small, but with a dramatic impact on gameplay. The location of the pods the player was to defend was changed from above to below the player's ship.

Game Play


  • Joystick: Use this to direct the ship along the bottom of the screen. Push left to move the ship to the left, and right to move the ship to the right. Your ship cannot pass beyond the side of the screen.
  • Fire button: Press the fire button to send one missile directly above your position. You can only send one missile out at a time, but you have an unlimited supply of them.

Arcade MegaWing Controls

Game Function Physical Interface Image
Coin 1 Up
Coin 2 Down
Start 1 Left
Start 2 Right
Move Left Joystick Left
Move Right Joystick Right
Move Up Joystick Up
Move Down Joystick Down
Fire Missile

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU:
    • Z80 at 3.072 MHz
    • Z80 at 1.78975 MHz
  • Sound AY-3-8910A at 1.789750 MHz
  • Display
    • Resolution 768 x 224
    • Orientation Vertical
    • Refresh Rate 60.61 Hz

Source Code Customization

The VHDL source code can be customized to control the following options.

Look for the following code in the scramble_top.vhd:

--1   2   3   4   5       Meaning
  --On  On                  3 Frogs
  --On  Off                 5 Frogs
  --Off On                  7 Frogs
  --Off Off                 256 Frogs (!)
  --        On              Upright unit
  --        Off             Cocktail unit
  --            On  On      1 coin 1 play
  --            On  Off     2 coins 1 play
  --            Off On      3 coins 1 play
  --            Off Off     1 coin 2 plays

    ip_dip_switch(5 downto 4)  <= not "11";
    ip_dip_switch(3)           <= not '1';
    ip_dip_switch(2 downto 1)  <= not "01";


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