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Inspired over a lunch of pizza, Pac-Man (originally entitled Puckman in Japanese), began life in the arcades in 1980. It was designed by Toru Iwatani, who had previously designed the Gee Bee trilogy, and was the first Namco game to incorporate a four-way joystick. After being overlooked by "experts" who judged Namco's own Rally-X to be the better of the two games, Pac-Man went on to unprecedented success and became an icon in Japan and in America. Pac-Man's game play was a stark and refreshing contrast to the space aged shoot'em ups that were popular at the time. Pac-mania became a phenomenon and video games' first mascot was met with an insatiable demand.

Game Play

Detailed Game Play Guide

Arcade MegaWing Controls

Game Function Physical Interface Image
Coin 1 Up
Coin 2 Down
Start 1 Left
Start 2 Right
Move Left Joystick Left
Move Right Joystick Right
Move Up Joystick Up
Move Down Joystick Down
Fire Not Used

Hardware Specifications

Source Code Customization

The VHDL source code can be customized to control the following options.

Free Play

To require a coin to play or to set Freeplay where simply pressing the start button is required search for and set the following line in pacman.vhd:

dipsw_reg(1 downto 0) <= "01"; -- 1 Coin  1 Play
Mode Setting
1 Coin = 1 Credit 01
1 Coin = 2 Credit 10
2 Coin = 1 Credit 11
Freeplay 00

Upright/Cocktail table

Search for the following line in pacman.vhd:

in1_reg(7) <= '0'; -- table
Mode Setting
Cocktail Table 0
Upright 1

Number of lives per play

To set the number of lives per play search for the following line in pacman.vhd:

dipsw_reg(3 downto 2) <= "10"; -- pacman (3)
Mode Setting
1 Packman 00
2 Packmen 01
3 Packmen 10
5 Packmen 11

Points until extra life

To set the number of lives per play search for the following line in pacman.vhd:

dipsw_reg(5 downto 4) <= "00"; -- Bonus at 10,000
Mode Setting
Bonus at 10,000 00
Bonus at 15,000 01
Bonus at 20,000 10
No Bonus 11


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