Hardware Overview

Arcade MegaWing

The Arcade MegaWing provides all of the arcade hardware in one convenient and easy to connect circuit board. It snaps into the Papilio One and gives it the necessary hardware resources to communicate with the outside world.

  • VGA Port - DB15 Female VGA connector capable of generating 4096 colors.
  • Stereo Audio Jack - 1/8" Stereo jack with low pass filter is ready for CD quality Delta-Sigma audio output.
  • Joystick Ports - Two DB9 Male joystick ports accept Atari, Commodore, and classic arcade joysticks.
  • PS/2 Ports - Two PS/2 ports accept a keyboard and mouse.
  • 4 Way Buttons - 4 buttons in a plus configuration for user input.
  • 4 LED's - 4 LED's for user feedback.
  • Reset Button - A single reset button.

Papilio One 500K

The Open Source Papilio One 500K FPGA board is a powerful and flexible platform that provides the core for exciting projects such as the Papilio Arcade. It acts as the empty canvas that classic arcade motherboards can be recreated on. Its flexible nature means that it can be re-used with future Papilio projects by simply purchasing the MegaWing portion of a project.


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