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Papilio Arcade Guides

Setting up the hardware and loading Pong Demo.

Getting Started

Load the Open Source Homebrew Pong demo to the Papilio Arcade Hardware. The provided bit file includes the ROMs for the Pong demo pre-synthesized in.

Arcade Blaster

Load your MAME compatible ROMs in seconds. Use the Papilio Arcade Blaster app to manage and load MAME compatbile ROMs to the Papilio Arcade hardware.

Loading Homebrew Zetris on ZPUino


Learn how to load the ZPUino Soft Processor with integrated VGA controller so you can write homebrew games in the Arduino IDE. Walks you through loading the bit file, compiling the C source code, and loading the result to the Papilio Arcade.

Synthesizing Pac-Man from source code

Synthesize Pac-Man Hardware

This guide shows you how to synthesize the source code for the Pac-Man hardware type. Synthesizing the project lets you include your own ROMs or make customizations to the hardware such as dip switch settings. This guide targets Pac-Man but is applicable to all hardware types.

Turn LiquidCrystal Code to VGA!

Take a look at the VGALiquidCrystal library to see other cool things you can do with the ZPUino. The VGALiquidCrystal library allows you to convert Arduino LCD code to run on a VGA monitor by changing one line of code.

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