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About Gadget Factory

Gadget Factory is a community focused on making affordable and fun Open Source Hardware.

Feel free to browse through the Open Source Hardware in the store, talk about hardware ideas in the forum, or learn more about our existing projects in the wikis.

Before you leave us remember to subscribe to the blog to keep up to date about new hardware, give-aways, and contests.

About Hackable Hardware > Hack|Ware

Gadget Factory makes Hackable Hardware meaning that it is hardware that YOU control instead of hardware that controls YOU. We design all of our hardware to be modified, re-mixed, hacked, and completely grokked.

When we use the word "Hack" we mean it in the good sense of the term. For us, Hacking is the process of learning, or grokking, something so completely that you can easily imagine new and exciting purposes for that thing.

When we use the word "Hack" we do not use it in the negative sense or in any way, shape, or form condone illegal activities. Please review this wikipedia page for more infomation on the difference between the two uses of the word "hack".

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